WIP Wednesday

It has been a productive week.  My new 'schedule' of knitting on design work from Monday to Friday and knit on personal projects worked out really well.  

I did not realize until this week that diversifying my projects and taking a break from design work for a couple of days is good for me and makes me more productive in the long run.  

So here is what I have accomplished this week:
 I finished my Hitchhiker!  It is 5 teeth shorter than I was hoping for, because I ran out of yarn.  I used 150 grams of fingering weight.  It is a shawlette, not a shawl.  It is blocked, but as you can see in the photo the ends have been weaved in.
I have turned the heel on my son's socks and am well into the foot.  I am now hopeful that I will finish them before his feet grow another size.
I have turned the heel on this sample and am deluding myself that I can have it finished, blocked, photographed, tech edited and released by Friday.  Wish me luck.
This magazine project is 6 inches from being done.  Then it has to be seamed and blocked and then sent on it's way to the magazine for photography.

What have you worked on this week?