What's In My Notions Kit?

I purchase these  notions kits from Ebay for $3-$6 each with free shipping.  I usually order five at a time.  They come pre-filled with things.  Some of the things I use, some of the things I don't use (but am too lazy to remove from the kit) and one of the things is a mystery item - I have no idea what it is or what it does.

I have these little kits all over the house.  In project bags, purses, beside knittng chairs, in my office. Everywhere.

Here is a closer look at the contents of one of the kits that lives beside my sofa:
First of all, the measuring tape is shady.  It is probably wrong.  About half of the measuring tapes in these kits are wrong on the inches side and correct on the centimetres side.  I should really go through each kit and toss the defective measuring tapes.

The pretty stitch markers in the bottom right are mine; they did not come as part of the kit.  The plastic circle stitch markers and removable stitch markers came with the kit.

Now that I am cabling without a needle, the cable needles can probably go.  They are really too big for my purposes anyway.  The smallest one would be suitable for worsted yarn and I typically use fingering weight.

Sometimes I use the knitpicker to pick up a dropped stitch, but there are small crochet hooks all over my house (in the same way that there are Easter eggs all over the house on Easter morning but in a more permanent way) and on my key chain, so I usually use one of those first.

Then there are some prong-type-things in the kit.  What are those?  They look like a medical implement.  I think they are the exact same thing that came in my "Operation" board game when I was 8.

This is them closed:
And this is them open:

Do you know what they are for?  If you know, please leave a comment so I can stop wondering.  

I also keep a few dozen sewing gauges, needle gauges and correct measuring tapes scattered around the house.  

Am I missing anything?  What do you keep in your notions kit(s)?