WIP Wednesday

I finished my Honey Cowl Hat!  I used the honey cowl stitch pattern and the same yarn as my honey cowl, so now I have a matched set.  The skein that I used for the hat did  not bleed nearly as much as the skein that I used for the cowl.  As a result, the cowl is slightly less vibrant than the hat, but I am hoping that I am the only one who will notice. 

Here it is before blocking and weaving in the ends.  
I knit a lot of socks on very thin yarn and very thin needles.  This cowl and hat set worked up in worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles seemed like such a quick knit in comparison.  It was nice to change things up a bit.  

I also acquired this lovely yarn bowl.  It is made by a local (to me) potter and sold at my LYS.  This is the first real yarn bowl I have ever owned.  I am fabulous at improvising yarn bowls and other knitting notions using things within arms reach of my knitting chair :)  I have already warned my husbeast that this may be the start of a collection.  

I finished a sock!  I have to knit 2.5 socks by the 31st and get them in the mail on the 2nd of January. Wish me luck.  

I started another sock.  This one seems like such a quick knit compared the the one pictured above - but I might just be telling myself that because the deadline looms and I am getting desperate.  
I hope you have had a great knitting week.   I would love to hear what you are knitting right now.  If you are celebrating solstice this week, Happy Solstice!  If you are celebrating Christmas this week, Merry Christmas!

Happy Knitting