A Glimpse Into My Childhood With A New Sock Pattern

Phosphenes has been released into the world...

noun;plural noun: phosphenes
a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.
— Oxford Online Dictionary

Phosphenes is the grown up name of those cool shapes and colours that happen when you close your eyes tightly and rub them with your hands. When I was a kid, I loved rubbing my eyes, oohing and aahing over the kaleidoscope effect it created and then trying to open my eyes quickly enough to see all the colours, shapes and sparkles before they disappear. (I was really good at entertaining myself with this type of thing - we had no internet back then). 

This gorgeous yarn by Yarn Over New York has a hint of sparkle that reminds me of phosphenes and the stitch pattern was chosen to particularly play up the quick pops of colour that happen as you knit with it. The yarn is called "I❤ NY" and it's on her Broadway base. 

Phosphenes is worked cuff down starting with a tubular cast on (instructions are included and if you tend to cast on tightly, consider using larger needles for the cast on), a patterned heel flap and gussets and ends with a short row toe that is grafted closed with Kitchener stitch.  The pattern is graded for 5 circumferences and the foot length is customizable.

You can download Phosphenes with a 20% discount- no coupon code required - until Monday October 16th, 2017

Happy Knitting!