Convergence Is Here

Convergence has been released into the world...

Convergence: the act of moving toward union or uniformity

The theory of convergence says that as societies develop they begin to converge and adopt or develop certain traits or characteristics of other developed societies.  I find this theory fascinating.  We live in interesting times; in my lifetime I've watched the world get smaller and smaller in so many ways (the fact that I carry the entire internet around in my purse, on my iPhone blows my mind).  We're able to connect with more people more quickly than ever before, yet in so many ways we've never been more disconnected from each other and in some ways we are more divergent than ever.  This design is inspired by the ebb and flow of convergence and divergence -  hopefully we are moving toward union

This pattern starts with 2 cable panels that are side by side at the top of the back of the leg of the sock.  The cable panels then separate and converge again on the front of the log just before the top of the foot.  Strategically placed increases and decreases help the cable panels to travel from the back to the front of the sock. 

The sample is knit using Simply Ewe Fiberworks River Street Sock in 'Golden Honey' and the name is absolutely perfect for this soft, mellow, golden yellow.  (She's taking names right now to dye up a special batch, so if you'd like a skein, your should head on over) 

Convergence is graded for 5 circumferences and the foot length is customizable. 

You can download Convergence with a 20% discount until Monday October 2nd - with no coupon code required!