New Pattern Alert: non-sock edition

Defunk has been released into the world...

Defunk (v): to change or improve a negative attitude, mindset or behaviour

Sometimes to change things up a bit (or hide a bad hair day...or keep my head warm) I like to put on a hat.  Something about a good hat makes me feel uplifted (literally: for whatever reason, hats make me feel taller so I think I stand a little straighter) and a little more confident.  I’ve been wanting a newsboy-style-hat for ages, and I finally have one - and you can, too! 


This cap is worked starting with the brim.  The brim is shaped using short rows and a piece of flimsy plastic is inserted part way through the process to stiffen the brim. (I used a placemat from my local dollar store) The hat is then worked from the brim to the crown with some shaping to give it a traditional newsboy-cap shape and fit.  Another piece of plastic is used to craft a small button for the very top of the hat.  This hat is way easier than it looks and people are super impressed that it’s hand knit!  I hope you feel awesome when you wear it. 


Happy Knitting!