A New Pattern And A Recipe!

Ahlie has been released into the world...

Ahlie socks are quirky and fun!  The socks mirror each other with an easy to memorize 2 round stitch pattern on the front and back of both legs and on the top of the foot.  The sock is worked from the cuff down with an eye of partridge heel flap, french heel, and finishes with a star toe that doesn’t fight with the bias of the fabric.

The pattern is graded for 4 circumferences and foot length is customizable.

The sample is knit with Seawall Fibres Quartz Socks in 'Apatite'.  

I'm also releasing Sock By Numbers today! 

Sock By Numbers isn’t a pattern, it’s a recipe to create a cuff down sock using any yarn, any needles, any gauge.  This pattern starts with a ribbed cuff, features a heel flap and gussets and ends with a wedge toe that is grafted closed using Kitchener stitch.

This is not a beginner recipe.  Some knowledge of sock anatomy is required and spoiler alert: this recipe has a lot of math!

If doing math old school (longhand) isn’t your thing, the pattern includes access to a soooper seeekrit spreadsheet on my website to help you with the math. 

Ahlie and Sock By Numbers are both available with a 20% discount (no coupon code required) OR if you purchase Ahlie and Sock By Numbers together you will receive a 30% discount on both patterns with the coupon code: socks

The Caffeine Collection is now available for pre-order!  This is my first accessory collection, and I'm super excited! If you purchase the collection before March 1st, you’ll get all 4 patterns for $14! The Caffeine sock pattern will be added to your library immediately and then Caffeine Hat, Caffeine Mitts, and Caffeine Cowl will automagically be added to your library as they are released on March 1st, 8th, and 15th. The ebook price will increase as each pattern is released. You can find more information by clicking here. 

If you’ve previously purchased Caffeine socks, the ebook price will be adjusted accordingly.

Happy Knitting!