New Pattern Alert! It's a Twofer!

Dolores has been released into the world...

This design is inspired by the late Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of The Cranberries. Her haunting voice and angst-filled lyrics were part of the soundtrack of my life in the 1990s. She was unabashedly authentic and honest and stood apart from artists who were carefully constructed by music studios to project a corporately curated physical look and musical sound.

In the days following Dolores’ death, I came across a social media post by Melanie (the dyer behind Baad Mom Yarns ), and she had been inspired to create a custom colourway in tribute to Dolores; I immediately ordered a skein of ‘Monog’ (which happens to be Celtic for ‘cranberry’) and designed this sock.

Dolores is worked from the cuff down and features a unique wrap/drop stitch pattern down the centre of the front and back of the leg. The design continues onto the heel flap. The heel is constructed using a unique centre gusset design and has no gusset stitches to pick up. The stitch design continues on the top of the foot and toe. The toe is grafted closed with Kitchener stitch. The pattern is graded for 4 circumferences, and foot length is customizable. A link to a video tutorial demonstrating the stitch pattern is included in the pattern. 

You can download Dolores with a 20% discount (no coupon code required) until Monday April 30, 2018.  In addition, $1 from each copy of Dolores sold will be donated to CAMH until Monday April 30, 2018.


Sock By Numbers Toe Up was also released into the world this week. 

Sock By Numbers isn’t a pattern, it’s a recipe to create a toe up sock using any yarn, any needles, any gauge, for any foot size. This pattern starts with a wedge toe, features a Strong heel (no gusset stitches to pick up!)  and ends with a ribbed cuff. 

This is not a beginner recipe. Some knowledge of sock anatomy is required and spoiler alert: this recipe has a lot of math!

If doing math old school (longhand) isn’t your thing, access to a spreadsheet to help is included in the pattern.

You can download Sock By Numbers Toe Up with a 50% discount with the purchase of any other pattern.  Put both patterns in your cart and use the coupon code: Toes