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The Juniper Collection has been released into the world...

Matching accessories have become kind a big thing for me. When I’m wrapped in the warmth of a comfy hand knit hat, a cozy hand knit cowl, and toasty hand knit mitts, I like them to match, or complement each other, either by sharing the same stitch pattern or being worked in the same yarn. When my knitted accessories complement each other it allows each piece to stand out without competing against the other accessories that I’m wearing. Matching accessories make me look more polished and put together, even on days when I might not feel very polished or put together. So, I’m on a mission to create sets of matching knitwear accessories in my favourite colours using my favourite yarns and stitch patterns.

The Juniper Collection includes socks, a cowl, a hat and mitts. I chose this specific yarn because it’s one of the softest, squishiest yarns that I’ve ever had the pleasure to knit with and it feels divine against my skin. Also this bluish/purple that Nicole (the dyer at Spinnacle) created, really reminds me of the juniper berries that were on the juniper bushes outside of our house when I was growing up.  


The Juniper Collection is being released in stages.  Juniper socks were released earlier this year, Juniper hat was released today (you can download it with a $1 discount by clicking here), Juniper Mitts will be released next Thursday August 23rd, 2018, and Juniper Cowl will be released on Thursday August 30th, 2018. 

If you purchase the collection today you pay $15 for all 4 patterns (each pattern will automagically be added to your library upon its release).  The price will increase with each new release.  If you've previously purchased Juniper Socks, the purchase price will be reduced accordingly.  You can find the Juniper Collection here.