A New Pattern Collection!

The Ahlie collection has been released into the world...

Wrapping myself in cozy, warm stitches on a chilly day is one of the most comforting feelings in the world and actually makes me look forward to the chilly mornings of fall and the frosty days of winter.  When I’m wrapped in the warmth of a comfy hand knit hat, a cozy hand knit cowl, and toasty hand knit mitts, I like them to match, or complement each other. When my knitted accessories complement each other, either by colour, or stitch pattern, it allows each piece to stand out without competing with the other accessories that I’m wearing.  Matching accessories make me look more polished and put together, even on days when I might not feel very polished or put together. So, I’m on a mission to create sets of matching knitwear accessories in my favourite colours using my favourite yarns and stitch patterns.

The Ahlie collection includes socks, a cowl, hat and fingerless mitts.  I chose this specific yarn because though I love all colours, I’m especially attracted to greens.  Most shades of green resonate with me on a deep level. This attraction caused me to immediately fall in love with Tree Moss by LakeKnit Yarns.  I was also totally intrigued by the fibre (Polworth) as I’d never worked with it before.  It’s soft, durable, and has a bit of stretch. It feels wonderful to work with and the tonal green with black speckles that are almost donegal-like really help make the Ahlie stitch pattern stand out.  I found that this yarn both stretched a bit and became even softer with blocking.

You can download the Ahlie collection for $14 (the regular price is $18) until Monday May 28th.  If you've previously purchased Ahlie Socks, the price will be discounted automagically at checkout to reflect the previous purchase.  If you'd like to download just 1 Ahlie pattern, each pattern is available with a 20% discount until Monday May 28th.  

In Other News...

Father's Day Finest Socks is 20% off (no coupon code required) until Monday May 28th.  You can find the pattern here. A free scarf pattern is included with the sock pattern. 

Father's Day Finest Socks

Father's Day Finest Socks