New Pattern Alert!

Juniper has been released into the world...

Growing up we had a Juniper bush in front of our house, I loved the way the small bluish-purplish berries looked on a cold winter morning when they had a touch of hoar frost.

When Nicole (the talented dyer at The Spinnacle Fiber Arts) and I were discussing a winter-themed colourway, we talked about winter berries and both 'Night Frost' and Juniper were born.

Juniper is worked from the cuff down with an easy to memorize textured stitch pattern on the front and back of the leg. The textured pattern continues onto the heel flap and the top of the foot. The sock ends with a rounded toe that is grafted closed using Kitchener stitch.

The pattern is graded for 4 circumferences and the foot length is customizable. 

You can download Juniper with a 20% discount (no coupon code required) until Monday December 18th.