New Pattern Alert! With Arch Shaping!

Neta has been released into the world...

This design is very personal and special to me. This sock is inspired by, and named for my Grandmother, Neta.

Neta is my paternal grandmother, and aside from being the kindest, most nurturing soul I’ve ever known she also taught me to knit and to make socks. She even managed to remain patient while teaching pre-teen me how to execute a successful Kitchener stitch, which speaks volumes about her capacity for patience and understanding. She was a finesse knitter, and she and her knitting have inspired every stitch I’ve ever knit. 

Neta is worked from the cuff down and features an easy to memorize stitch pattern on the front and back of the leg. This pattern features an Eye Of Partridge heel flap, and arch shaping through the gusset and instep stiches. The stitch pattern continues on the top of the foot until the pattern stitches are consumed and replaced by stockinette stitches. The sock ends with a wedge toe that is grafted closed using Kitchener stitch. 

This is the first pattern I've written that includes arch shaping.  Many of you with high insteps have been asking for arch shaping, and when you ask I try to deliver! 

Instructions are included for 4 circumferences and foot length is customizable.  The stitch pattern is both written and charted. 

You can download Neta with a 20% discount until Monday July 16th (no coupon code required).  You can find the pattern here.