New Pattern Alert!

Say hello to Pretty On the Inside!

Pretty On The Inside is a completely reversible sock. Even the heel and toe are reversible. You knit one pair of socks, but have two pair when you’re done! The colourwork effect is achieved with slipped stitches, so only one colour is used each round. There are no floats and no stranded colourwork. 

Pretty On The Inside is worked cuff-down and is just simple enough that you can binge watch your favourite show while bringing them to life. This sock features a reversible, garter-stitch, short-row heel and reversible,  garter-stitch, star toe. Instructions are included for 5 circumferences and the foot length is customizable.

The stitch pattern is both written and charted, and the instructions are needle-neutral so you can use your preferred method for working in the round.

You can download Pretty On The Inside with a 20% discount until Monday August 12th, 2019 (no coupon code required, the discount will be applied automagically at checkout).