My Adventures At Rhinebeck!

Welcome to my Rhinebeck photo album! 

Two weeks ago, the Husbeast and I packed up the kids, and made our first pilgrimage to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival (affectionately referred to by knitters as Rhinebeck).  I've never been to Rhinebeck before and this was a knitting-bucket-list item for me.  

It was AMAZING!  It was HUGE!  It was a bit overwhelming.  I've been told about the amazingness, and hugeness of Rhinebeck by a lot of knitters, but I was still unprepared for how amazing and huge it actually is.  

We had summer like weather, unfortunately for all the knitters who raced to finish beautiful Rhinebeck sweaters only to have to put them in a bag or backpack to prevent heat stroke.  

We went both days.  The Saturday was mostly for shopping (!).  Here are some photos of my haul:


On the Sunday, I attended a Q&A panel for my friend Lisa and her knitting students.  It was a designer meet and greet and I got to hang out with a lot of awesome knitters.  I also attended the Ravelry meet up.  Oh, and I MET CLARA PARKES - it was a total fangirl moment for me; thankfully I had the presence of mind to ask for a selfie with her and ask her to sign her book for me.  

I also met Barbara Benson, Corrine Walcher, Emily Lipa, Jen Lucas, Lars Rains, Sloane Rosenthal, Lisa Barnes and Pam Maher.  It was so nice to meet online friends in real life.  Fiber people are seriously the best people!  Here are some photos from Sunday: 


It was a long and busy weekend (and a 16 hour round trip in the car), but totally worth it.  Have you ever been to Rhinebeck?  If you go next year, we might see each other.