Are Knitting And Stashing Two Separate Hobbies?


A few months ago I posted this meme on my Instagram feed and quickly received many comments from knitters saying they consider knitting and yarn collecting to be 2 separate but related hobbies.  I hadn't considered it until I saw this meme, but I think it's true.  

In addition to skeins that have projects planned for them, I have lots of yarn that (as of right now) I have no plans for at all, other than to admire it, pet it occasionally, and stash it. 

I have souvenir yarn from trips I've taken, one of a kind skeins that were too pretty not to bring home, limited edition and discontinued colourways, unique fibres and fibre blends, and yarns from various fibre festivals I've attended.  This definitely sounds like a collection apart from a stash of yarn to be knit, doesn't it?   (As an aside,  it's amazing how quickly I can develop an emotional attachment to a skein of yarn.  Seriously). 

I'm definitely both a knitter and a yarn collector.  Do you consider your stash to be part of your knitting hobby or a separate hobby altogether?