New Pattern Alert - Light And Air Edition!

Aperture has been released into the world...

Aperture: /ˈapərˌCHər,ˈapərˌCHo͝or/ noun: a space through which light passes

These socks let in some light. And some air. These socks are perfect for summer nights when you need to keep your feet warm, but not too warm. They also make for a fun, quick knit! The pattern is worked from the top down with a patterned heel flap and gradually disappearing pattern on the top of the foot. The entire sock is then finished up nicely with a toe that is Kitchener stitched closed.

The yarn for this project was beautiful to work with!  the colours are gorgeous and there was just enough variegation in the yarn to keep it interesting but not compete with the stitch pattern.  Green and blue have always been one of my favourite colour combos.  This yarn is by  Machete Shoppe in their Simple Sock base in the colourway 'Curacao'.  

You can download Aperture with a 20% discount (no coupon code required)  until Monday August 14th, 2017 by clicking here.  

...and in case you haven't heard, I'll be hosting a KnitAlong in my Facebook group starting this Monday August 14th.  We'll be knitting Throw Kindness Around Like It's Confetti and there are lots of awesome, amazing prizes to be given away that have been donated by several talented and generous designers and makers.   If you like KnitAlongs and fun and prizes, head over to the Facebook group by clicking here and join us!