A Spring Gift For You...

So, January felt like it was 8,764 days long but March is flying by.  Time is weird. Can you believe that spring is less than a week away? (unless you’re reading this from the southern hemisphere, then fall is less than a week away).

More sunlight and warmer days mean it’s time to move the knitting outside.  It means that we can knit by sunlight well into the evenings (thereby soaking up vitamin D which is good for our health - another reason knitting is good for you!).  

Every season is knitting season and every season can be hand-knit-gift-season if you want it to be.  

If you’re planning to give the gift of socks this spring, or washcloths, fingerless mitts, hats, basically any smallish knitted items, I’ve made some cute spring themed knitting wrappers for you.  You can download them here.

Happy Knitting!


In Other News...

Caffeine Cowl has been released and is 20% off  until March 19th (No Coupon Code Required! OR purchase The Caffeine Collection at 25% off.

Caffeine Cowl is the 4th and final pattern in The Caffeine Collection . This is one of my absolute favourite stitch patterns; 4 rounds of knits and purls followed by 2 rounds of pattern stitch (to keep it interesting) result in a beautiful, textured, squishy fabric that looks great in solid, tonal, or variegated yarns.