I love Knitters!!  When I say 'knitters', I mean everybody in our awesome yarnie community: knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, dyers, farmers and everyone else who loves yarn and fibre arts.

There is an amazing movement happening on Instagram right now.  If you are on Instagram, search the hashtag #GetYourYarnWishesGranted.  Knitters are paying it forward!  Basically you peruse the hashtag, find a wish you can grant the post a wish of your own.

This has been so much fun.  I am granting wishes to knitters/crocheters who long to try KnitPicks yarn, but sadly do not live in the delivery area for KnitPicks.  I am so happy to be able to bring a little yarnie goodness into the lives of other crafters.  In return some lovely crafty people are sending me pretty, handmade project bags to feed my growing project bag addiction collection.

We are such a giving community, that it is actually a struggle to find a wish to grant.  They are being granted as quickly as they are being posted!

If you are on Instagram, I am @knitalot924.  Let me know your Instagram ID so I can follow you and admire your knitting/yarnie posts.

Knitting Porn

Knitting and yarn are both visual media.  I love a good photo (or artwork) depicting knitting and yarn.  I use my Instagram account to feed my knitting porn habit.  If you are on Instagram (if you are not, I recommend it) and if you are a yarn and knitting voyeur, consider checking out these accounts:

  • Knitboy1 - Beautiful, artful photographs of male models with yarn and/or knitting.  Warning: the models are in various states of undress so may not be safe for work
  • WillaShalit - beautiful photos of her own knitting projects that are presented in a way that the beauty of her work really shows
  • Knit_Play - this account also belongs to WillaShalit. This Instagram feed focuses on her gauge swatches and experiments with different stitch patterns. 
  • YarnHarlot - no explanation needed.  Also, I highly recommend every one of her books. 
  • AndreaRknits - this is the Instagram account of Andrea Rangel, knitwear designer.  Her photos are lovely and she gives lots of sneak peeks of what she is working on.  
  • SkeinCocaine - Ebabler Alert: you can actually buy yarn from SkeinCocaine on Instagram.  They have regular auctions on their Instagram feed. I have personally never purchased anything on Instagram, but consider yourself warned - your yarn budget may be in danger.
I follow about 200 other Instagram users, but these are a few of my favourites.  You can follow me on Instagram too.  I try to post yarn and knitting porn regularly. 

Do you have any favourite yarn/knitting Instagram accounts that you follow?  I would love to check them out.