New Pattern(s) Alert!

Westney & Meandering are now available for download on Ravelry. 

Previously available exclusively in the book, Artful ArchesWestney & Meandering are both available in my Ravelry store as of today. 

It’s amazing what a few strategically placed slipped stitches can do when they’re combined with variegated yarn.  Slipped stitches have a magical way of showing off the colour variegations without getting lost or competing with the yarn. 

Slipped stitches and variegated yarn are a knitterly symphony; on their own they’re each lovely, but together they both become even more beautiful. 

I think most of us have at least one gorgeous skein of variegated yarn in our stash that needs just the right pattern to do it justice, and both of these patterns were designed with that special skein in mind.

You can download Westney and/or Meandering with a 20% discount (no coupon code required, the discount will appear automagically at checkout) until Monday July 2nd, 2018. 

A Glimpse Into My Childhood With A New Sock Pattern

Phosphenes has been released into the world...

noun;plural noun: phosphenes
a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.
— Oxford Online Dictionary

Phosphenes is the grown up name of those cool shapes and colours that happen when you close your eyes tightly and rub them with your hands. When I was a kid, I loved rubbing my eyes, oohing and aahing over the kaleidoscope effect it created and then trying to open my eyes quickly enough to see all the colours, shapes and sparkles before they disappear. (I was really good at entertaining myself with this type of thing - we had no internet back then). 

This gorgeous yarn by Yarn Over New York has a hint of sparkle that reminds me of phosphenes and the stitch pattern was chosen to particularly play up the quick pops of colour that happen as you knit with it. The yarn is called "I❤ NY" and it's on her Broadway base. 

Phosphenes is worked cuff down starting with a tubular cast on (instructions are included and if you tend to cast on tightly, consider using larger needles for the cast on), a patterned heel flap and gussets and ends with a short row toe that is grafted closed with Kitchener stitch.  The pattern is graded for 5 circumferences and the foot length is customizable.

You can download Phosphenes with a 20% discount- no coupon code required - until Monday October 16th, 2017

Happy Knitting! 

New Pattern Alert - Light And Air Edition!

Aperture has been released into the world...

Aperture: /ˈapərˌCHər,ˈapərˌCHo͝or/ noun: a space through which light passes

These socks let in some light. And some air. These socks are perfect for summer nights when you need to keep your feet warm, but not too warm. They also make for a fun, quick knit! The pattern is worked from the top down with a patterned heel flap and gradually disappearing pattern on the top of the foot. The entire sock is then finished up nicely with a toe that is Kitchener stitched closed.

The yarn for this project was beautiful to work with!  the colours are gorgeous and there was just enough variegation in the yarn to keep it interesting but not compete with the stitch pattern.  Green and blue have always been one of my favourite colour combos.  This yarn is by  Machete Shoppe in their Simple Sock base in the colourway 'Curacao'.  

You can download Aperture with a 20% discount (no coupon code required)  until Monday August 14th, 2017 by clicking here.  

...and in case you haven't heard, I'll be hosting a KnitAlong in my Facebook group starting this Monday August 14th.  We'll be knitting Throw Kindness Around Like It's Confetti and there are lots of awesome, amazing prizes to be given away that have been donated by several talented and generous designers and makers.   If you like KnitAlongs and fun and prizes, head over to the Facebook group by clicking here and join us! 

How Many Cables Can 1 Sock Pattern Have?

The answer is LOTS of cables!  Say Hello to Lerwick, the cabli-est sock I've ever designed.  



Even the gussets are cabled! 

Lerwick is inspired by the beautiful scenery of the Shetland Islands in Scotland. (Disclaimer:  I haven't actually been to the Shetland Islands, but I fell in love with the scenery while watching 'Shetland' on Netflix.  If you love beautiful scenery, people wearing handknits and British/Scottish murder mysteries, I highly recommend it!)

Lerwick is a fully cabled sock that features an argyle inspired cable panel starting at the top of the leg and continuing down to the toe of the sock.

The back of the leg features cabled ribbing. The heel is uniquely constructed; the heel flap and gussets are worked simultaneously which allows for the cable pattern to continue on the heel flap and the gussets.

The sock finishes with a rounded toe that is grafted closed using Kitchener stitch

Lerwick is 20% off until Monday July 31st - no coupon code required.  You can download it here. 

Happy Knitting! 

Happy Canada Deh!

In honour of Canada's sesquicentennial birthday this year, I've released Canada Deh! , possibly the most Canadian sock ever made! 


Stephanie from Knitley Road and have been on a mission to make a very Canadian sock to commemorate Canada ’s 150th birthday.  The fibre is sourced from Canadian sheep and processed in a Canadian Mill. It ’s then dyed by a Canadian Dyer (Stephanie at Knitley Road) and she mails it to me, a Canadian knitwear designer and knitter.

Canada Deh! Is worked from the top down and features a charted maple leaf that can be worked using either intarsia in the round or fair isle. The sock features a short row heel and traditional wedge toe.

Canada Deh! is 20% off - no coupon code required - until Saturday July 1st, 2017.  You can download it by clicking here.  

Happy Knitting! 

New Pattern Alert! With A Coupon Code!

Ahhhh spring!  The days are getting longer and warmer and spring is in the air! (at least in the northern hemisphere)  To celebrate nature's rebirth, I've released Flowers and Sunshine.

Worked from the toe up, this design features delicate flowers speckled along the top of the foot and front and back of the leg.  This sock features a heel flap with gussets.

You can download Flowers and Sunshine with a 20% discount using the coupon code 'spring' OR if you pay full price, I'll donate 20% of all full price proceeds to until midnight (EST) Monday April 24, 2017

Also, are you a Whovian?  In honour of the return of Doctor Who (Yay!!) I have combined my 4 best selling, Doctor Who inspired patterns into an ebook, DALEKtable (see what I did there?) You can find it here.
 Happy Knitting!

Photo Friday - New Pattern Release!!

My latest sock pattern, Moriarty is being released today.  It is 20% off in my Ravelry store until Midnight EST, Thursday April, 7th, 2016.  You can download it here.
The colourway of the yarn used in the sample, In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king is a quote by Moriarty, the clever nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.  This pattern is inspired by Moriarty. The design features a dropped stitch pattern down the front of the leg and top of the foot and simple ribbing down the back of the leg and top half of the short row heel.

This stitch pattern combined with the ribbing makes a very stretchy sock.  You may find that you need to make a smaller circumference size than usual; let your gauge swatch be your guide.

The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit it with your needle of choice in your preferred style.  Written instructions are provided, and the stitch pattern is easily reversible for knitters who prefer to knit socks toe-up.  Instructions are included for narrow, medium, wide and extra wide widths.  Foot length is customizable.  

Happy Knitting!  

New Pattern Release!

River Song Socks has just been released and is 20% off in my Ravelry store - no coupon code required - until Tuesday March 15th at Midnight (EST)!

Designed to be both feminine and bold, this sock is inspired by River Song from Doctor Who. This design features an eye-catching and delicate cable design down the front of the leg and foot of each sock. The cable is set against a reverse stockinette background. River Song features a heel flap and gusset with half handkerchief heel and a wedge toe.

The pattern is needle-neutral, so you can knit it with your needle of choice in your preferred style. Written and charted instructions are provided, and the stitch pattern is easily reversible for knitters who prefer to knit socks toe-up. Instructions are included for narrow, medium and wide widths. Foot length is customizable.

WIP Wednesday

This week I have been swatching all the things.  I have also started a new sock pattern called 'Entwined':

front of leg

back of leg and heel flap

Please excuse the photo quality, I took the photos at night with my iphone.

This pattern is being designed in collaberation with Les Belles Bouclettes yarn.  Their mohair sock yarn is really lovely.  This is my first experience knitting a sock with a mohair blend and I love the feel of yarn and the stitch definition.  I will definitely have more mohair in my life.

Also, I have released a new pattern:
ThisLittle Piggy Went to Market is a super quick, one skein market bag with a cleverly attached pouch that serves double duty; it contains the bag when you are not using it and acts as a hidden pouch inside the bag when it is open.  This Little Piggy Goes to Market is knit seamlessly from the bottom up. 

You can get This Little Piggy Went To Market at 40% off until Midnight (EST) Friday October 16th, 2016 - no coupon code required.

Happy Knitting!

New Pattern!!

My new sock design, Solar Vortex has been released.  It is on Sale in my Ravelry store until Midnight Tonight for 30% off - no coupon code required.  You can find it here.

They are knit from the cuff down, but the pattern is reversible so if you are a toe-up knitter, that will work too.  The heel is added after the sock is finished so that the spiral pattern is not interrupted.  It is a simple 9 stitch repeat and is a quick, meditative knit.  If you knit it, please send me some pics,  I would love to see your finished project.


Apparently there is a movement afoot to encourage knitters/crocheters/fibre artists to show off all their handmade lovelies by snapping a selfie of themselves wearing handmade goodies and then posting the selfies to social media with the hashtag #WearYourKnitting.

I happen to do this all the time without the hashtag.  I will be adding the hashtag going forward.

Here are a few recent knitting selfies I have posted to Instagram and Twitter:

Wearing my "Wisp" cowl from Knitty Magazine (Yarn by MythicYarn)

Wearing my 'Striped Study Shawl' by Veera Valmaki (Yarn is KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Springtime and Kindling)

Wearing a bulky, Alpaca, dropped stitch cowl (one of the designs that will be featured in an upcoming book - Yay)

I also post a lot of handmade sock selfies. My Instagram feed is basically yarn and knitting porn and my Twitter Feed is mostly the random thoughts that pop into my head with a spattering of knitting and yarn porn. 

I hope I see more fibre enthusiasts using the #WearYourKnitting Hashtag.