New Pattern!

Regina has been released into the world! It is on sale 50% off until Midnight (EST) Friday January 9th, 2015 - no coupon code required.   Follow the above link or the link on my Designs page.

Regina is a very versatile piece born from my need for something adaptable and occasionally dramatic to wear with my favourite red trench coat.

Sometimes one wants to  make a dramatic entrance, no?

I love garter stripes, and an easy, mindless knit so I turned them up a notch by knitting them on the bias and using a Fibonacci-inspired stripe pattern.

The easy garter stitch pattern makes this ideal TV knitting, so I knit most of this wrap while watching TV with my daughter.  Her favourite show is "Once Upon a Time" and one of the main characters, Regina, inspired the name for this wrap; she is strong, dramatic and looks ravishing in red.

This wrap would be amazing in so many different colour combinations.  I am thinking of making myself another one in two neutrals (maybe a chocolate and a cream or a black and grey).  I can't wait to see what other knitters come up with!

This wrap is a yarn-eater though (I actually considered calling it "Yarn Eater") you will need 2 full 100gram skeins of each colour in fingering weight yarn.  Although, it would be great in a sport/DK/aran weight as well.

It's sooo versatile - here are lots of pictures to prove it!

I hope if you make it you will share photos of it - I would love to see them.

Coming Soon

Happy New Year!!!

May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

I have been busily making plans for 2015.  I am hoping planning to release 12 new patterns in the new year, not including the 3 third-party publishing commitments I have coming up in first quarter of 2015.  Two of them have been completed and sent on their way.  I will post pics as soon as they are published and I am allowed to share the images.  I am busily working on the third design right now.  It is top secret (and very exciting!).  I am not allowed to show any pics of that one either.  But I will be able to brag fully about it in early Spring.

I am also planning 3 pairs of socks, 3 sweaters, 1 (possibly 2) skirts, a dog sweater, and 3 non-wearable accessories

I am hoping to release Regina in January. The pattern is on its way to the tech editor for approval.   Here are some preliminary pics from my iPhone. Please forgive the photo quality, I take these photos for my own reference while I am designing/knitting the project.

Regina is a looonnng (97 inches!) Fibonacci inspired garter stitch striped scarf/shawl that is knit on the bias.  It was born from my yearning for something versatile and dramatic that I can wear with my favourite red trench coat.  It is great for TV knitting as it is an easy two row repeat in garter stitch.  The colour changes keep it interesting.

Look how many ways you can wear it.  Totally versatile.  And long enough to be a little bit dramatic - when I'm in the mood to be dramatic.  Note my vacuum and stability ball photobombing in the background.

This would be great in so many colour combinations - black and just about any colour...two neutrals would be great in this pattern too.

Knitterly Quirks

I have come to realize and accept that I have a weird, masochistic attraction to patterns that may possibly require more yarn than I have.  I think it stems from a love of yarn that goes so deep that I feel compelled to use as much of it as I possibly can and have as little left over as humanly possible.

I have cast on the same skein of one-of-a-kind indie dyed red MCS by Mythic yarn three times now.  The first two times I frogged because I would have run out of yarn (surprise!) and this time I am so close to running out of yarn it is stupid but I do not have the heart to frog this yarn again.
Please forgive the crappy iphone photo
As of this morning, I have this much yarn left to do 8 more rows.  Each row takes .36g of yarn (yes, I am also an obsessive yarn-weigher) and I have 4.5g left.  It's a nail-biter.

This is where the project is so far:

Sorry for the photo quality - these photos are from my iphone and are blown up way beyond their normal size
I am transitioning from red to grey, so soon I  will either run out of red, or have just enough.  Then I can move on to obsessively weighing and panicking about whether or not I have enough grey left to finish the job.  I have no back up plan.  I live dangerously.  I am fairly conservative in most areas of my life, so apparently knitting is where I indulge my inner risk-taker, throw caution to the wind and take all the big risks.   I also skip swatching and often don't bother with stitch markers.  Yeah, I'm bad.

This red yarn is destined to become a scarf/shawl hybrid for me to wear with my favourite Calvin Klein red trench coat.  I am making it up as I go along, so if I run out of yarn it will not be an error in judgement, it will be a "design element."

Linen Stitch

This Stroll Tonal Yarn from KnitPicks (colour: Stonewashed - now discontinued) was cast on to become the manifestation of an idea I had for a linen stitch shrug.  For me.  Less than halfway done, it decided it would rather be a linen stitch scarf to match the Husbeast's new navy wool pea coat.  I never argue with the yarn so a scarf was born.

To be honest it wasn't much of a sacrifice as these shades of blue work much better on him than on me and the linen stitch was getting tedious; the 10 more inches or so that I would have had to work to make my shrug may have driven me crazy.

Linen stitch is a beautiful stitch.  The resulting fabric is dense and has a woven look and feel to it.  It showcases variegated yarns and yarns with short colour changes beautifully.  It also has a slight masculine quality that makes it a nice choice for men's accessories.  And as an added bonus, both the 'right' and 'wrong' sides of linen stitch are equally lovely, in my opinion.

But,  it is tedious to knit.  I thought it would be meditative. It wasn't.  Especially when each row is 440 stitches long.  By about 4 inches in I was starting to get bored and feel resentful.  I have the same issues with lots of ribbing.  When a pattern says, "work ribbing as established for X inches..."   I usually interpret that as "work ribbing as established until boredom, resentment or dread of the next row of ribbing takes hold..." and adjust the ribbing on socks, cuffs, and waistbands according to my tolerance for it at that time.   For this reason I think I will limit linen stitch to small projects or small areas of projects in future.