New-ish Pattern Release!!

Previously published in the October 2015 issue of I Like Knitting magazine, Constant Comapanion has just been released by me!  The best part?  Constant Companion is 20% off in my Ravelry store until Midnight (EST) May 30th - no coupon code required! You can find it here.

(I will give you a second to get over the shock that I designed something that isn't a pair of socks....)

This design was inspired by my 3 fur-babies, Maggie, Neville and Guinness.  Yarnovers and decreases create little lacy Paw Prints that meander along the edge of the shawl.

As written, Constant Companion measures 115 inches/ 292 centimetres long and 14 inches/ 35 centimetres deep measured at its deepest point, after blocking. Instructions are included to modify the length and depth of the shawl so that it can be made with as little as one 100 gram skein of fingering weight yarn.
The shawl is knit side to side with the body of the shawl and lace border worked simultaneously. All increases and decreases are worked in the garter stitch body of the shawl.

The timing of this release is especially poignant for me because our family had to say good-bye to Neville this past Monday.  It was sudden, and he was very young, but his legacy lives on in two of my designs,  Constant Companion and SouthPaw.

Happy Knitting!

I Am In A Magazine!

Ok, so I personally am not in a magazine but my design, Constant Companion, is in the October 2015 issue of I Like Knittng Magazine

Constant Companion Shawl

From the Magazine: This oversized yet cozy and elegant shawl is inspired by nature and the world around us. The beautiful green hues of the scarf are reminiscent of the last of the green grass on a crisp fall day while yarnovers and decreases create little lacy paw prints throughout.

This shawl is inspired by all the animals in my life, my love of fall and features squishy Madeline Tosh yarn.  

It is knit sideways with a garter stitch body and lace edging that is knit at the same time.  

This shawl uses two 100gram/ 3.5 ounce skeins of fingering weight yarn, but size is easily customizable.

I am honoured to be in very good company; there are a lot of beautiful designs by many talented designers in this issue of I Like Knitting.  

Are you a subscriber to  I Like Knitting? What other knitting magazines do you like to read or find inspiration from?

Coming Soon

I have been working on a cowl/wrap/hood pattern.  It is called Pembry and it is currently with the tech editor being fine tuned. 

These are progress photos taken in my iPhone.  They were taken before blocking and before the ends were woven in. The finished project will look more polished ;)

It is knit in the round, it is reversible (I like the reverse stockinette side best) and uses dropped stitches.  
Pembry uses fingering weight yarn (less than a 100gram skein) and is knit on 5.00 mm needles to create a loose, airy fabric that drapes elegantly. 

I designed it because I wanted something that could go over my shoulders with a black sleeveless dress, but I think it would be great with jeans and a tank top so I might style it that way for the pattern photos. 
There I am wearing it hood-style with no make-up on. 

The yarn is KnitPicks Gloss Fingering in 'Velveteen'

I expect to release it next week. 

New Pattern!

Regina has been released into the world! It is on sale 50% off until Midnight (EST) Friday January 9th, 2015 - no coupon code required.   Follow the above link or the link on my Designs page.

Regina is a very versatile piece born from my need for something adaptable and occasionally dramatic to wear with my favourite red trench coat.

Sometimes one wants to  make a dramatic entrance, no?

I love garter stripes, and an easy, mindless knit so I turned them up a notch by knitting them on the bias and using a Fibonacci-inspired stripe pattern.

The easy garter stitch pattern makes this ideal TV knitting, so I knit most of this wrap while watching TV with my daughter.  Her favourite show is "Once Upon a Time" and one of the main characters, Regina, inspired the name for this wrap; she is strong, dramatic and looks ravishing in red.

This wrap would be amazing in so many different colour combinations.  I am thinking of making myself another one in two neutrals (maybe a chocolate and a cream or a black and grey).  I can't wait to see what other knitters come up with!

This wrap is a yarn-eater though (I actually considered calling it "Yarn Eater") you will need 2 full 100gram skeins of each colour in fingering weight yarn.  Although, it would be great in a sport/DK/aran weight as well.

It's sooo versatile - here are lots of pictures to prove it!

I hope if you make it you will share photos of it - I would love to see them.

Coming Soon

Happy New Year!!!

May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!

I have been busily making plans for 2015.  I am hoping planning to release 12 new patterns in the new year, not including the 3 third-party publishing commitments I have coming up in first quarter of 2015.  Two of them have been completed and sent on their way.  I will post pics as soon as they are published and I am allowed to share the images.  I am busily working on the third design right now.  It is top secret (and very exciting!).  I am not allowed to show any pics of that one either.  But I will be able to brag fully about it in early Spring.

I am also planning 3 pairs of socks, 3 sweaters, 1 (possibly 2) skirts, a dog sweater, and 3 non-wearable accessories

I am hoping to release Regina in January. The pattern is on its way to the tech editor for approval.   Here are some preliminary pics from my iPhone. Please forgive the photo quality, I take these photos for my own reference while I am designing/knitting the project.

Regina is a looonnng (97 inches!) Fibonacci inspired garter stitch striped scarf/shawl that is knit on the bias.  It was born from my yearning for something versatile and dramatic that I can wear with my favourite red trench coat.  It is great for TV knitting as it is an easy two row repeat in garter stitch.  The colour changes keep it interesting.

Look how many ways you can wear it.  Totally versatile.  And long enough to be a little bit dramatic - when I'm in the mood to be dramatic.  Note my vacuum and stability ball photobombing in the background.

This would be great in so many colour combinations - black and just about any colour...two neutrals would be great in this pattern too.