New Pattern Alert! Serene & Calm Edition

Ataraxy has been released into the world…

When you’re focussed on a beautiful pattern, and using yarn you love to create something beautiful and unique, it’s easy to lose track of time and not notice when exactly the day’s irritations faded away to nothing.

At this moment there is only you, the satisfying click…click…click of your needles while your hands mindlessly create one stitch after another, row after row, while the soft fibre warms your soul as it slides between your fingers, being guided gently from skein to needle. This feeling is called Ataraxy.

Ataraxy is an elegant, fitted slipper featuring unique construction that allows each slipper to be seamless. This pattern uses a seamless cast on. I used Judy’s magic cast on, though you should use whichever cast on you would normally use for toe up socks. You can also use a provisional cast on with scrap yarn. A link to a video demonstrating the cast-on method used in the sample, and the unique slipper construction is included in the pattern.

Instructions are included for 5 circumferences and foot length is customizable. The stitch pattern is both written and charted. The pattern is needle-neutral to accommodate your preferred method of working small circumference in the round.

You can download Ataraxy with a 20% discount until Monday September 16th, 2019. No coupon code is required, the discount is automatic.