Left Over Sock Yarn

One of the by-products of being a sock knitter is that you accumulate leftover sock yarn.  I have a few bins of leftover sock yarn.  (yes, bins - that's not a typo).

two boxes of leftover sock yarn that I use for swatching new pattern ideas

Sometimes, in my head, I plan to make the most epic sock yarn blanket ever! I haven't cast it on yet, there's always too much other knitting to do.

There are lots of things to do with leftover sock yarn.  You could:

*create a magic ball  and then knit all the things with it.  (my magic ball would be the size of a beach ball)
*create a blanket of mitred squares - these seem so popular right now.
*make a Beekeeper's Quilt. (confession: I made a few of these hexipuffs then got bored so I stuffed them with cat nip gave them to my cat)
*make small toys or amigurumi projects.
*create mini skeins to trade with and gift to your yarnie friends.
*make cup cozies.
*make earbud cozies.  (I really like these)
*make chapstick cozies. (these make great keychains)
*yarnbomb something!
What do you do with leftover sock yarn?

Stash Flash

Stash is a very personal thing.  We all have one, we all know that we all have one, but we don't really show it off or talk about it in a lot of detail.  My inner voyeur loves to catch a glimpse of other Crafters' stashes and organizational systems.

Today, I am taking you inside my stash and showing you where it lives and how it is organized (or not organized in this case). This is my first ever video, so I apologize for any quality issues.  Also, it is completely unedited because I have no idea how to edit a video. 

If you have any questions, ask away and I will try to answer them.