Pattern Crush

Like many knitters, I find myself with more pattern crushes than time to knit all my pattern crushes.

This is especially true lately when I have found myself so busy with design work that I have hardly any time for selfish knitting and my dream of a closet full of hand knit sweaters seems like it will never come true.

Here are some gorgeous designs that I have been drooling over; not all of them are recent releases, but they are gorgeous and I want to knit them all...

  1. Elliewood by Laura Aylor - this is my ideal fall-weather-dog-walking sweater.  It has fingerless mitts built in, a kangaroo style pouch for holding my cell phone and a warm cozy neck to keep me toasty.  I love this design.  
  2. Anja's Hat by Karina Maza-Gildea - I love this style of hat.  Sadly, I inherited my Father's large viking head and the mass-produced hats of this style don't fit me very well, but this one will fit me perfectly beacause it will be custom made by me for me :)
  3. Moscow Mule by Michelle Meyer - Shrugs are not usually my style, but this one with the simple detailing on the edges really appeals to me.  I think it would look great with a tank top and jeans.  
  4. Corset Tank Top by Annie Modesitt - sexy much?  With a black pencil skirt and high heel ankle boots.  Hawt.  
  5. Sleeve Scarf Sweater Wrap by Lake House Knits - versatile, gorgeous and different. I like to knit things that you would not find in a department store, and this meets that criteria.  
  6. Maisie by Hanna Maciejewska - Love the lace detail and love the pouch-pocket in the front.  I love those pockets because I always have my cell phone with me and always need somewhere to put it.  
  7. Skimmer Socks by Sheila Toy Stromberg - These are perfect for wearing with flats.  Or as a second layer inside your winter boots.  These would also be great gifts. 
  8. Off the Shoulder Pullover by Vladmir Teriokhin - This is so versatile - you can dress it up, dress it down - it's beautiful.
  9. Deep V-Neck Sweater by Purl Soho - I would wear it backwards with the deep v in the back.  
  10. Wink by Hanna Maciejewska - this will be next on my needles when I finally finish the Cecily Twinset that I am knitting now.  
Do you have any pattern crushes?  Enable me Share them with me. 

Knitting Porn

Knitting and yarn are both visual media.  I love a good photo (or artwork) depicting knitting and yarn.  I use my Instagram account to feed my knitting porn habit.  If you are on Instagram (if you are not, I recommend it) and if you are a yarn and knitting voyeur, consider checking out these accounts:

  • Knitboy1 - Beautiful, artful photographs of male models with yarn and/or knitting.  Warning: the models are in various states of undress so may not be safe for work
  • WillaShalit - beautiful photos of her own knitting projects that are presented in a way that the beauty of her work really shows
  • Knit_Play - this account also belongs to WillaShalit. This Instagram feed focuses on her gauge swatches and experiments with different stitch patterns. 
  • YarnHarlot - no explanation needed.  Also, I highly recommend every one of her books. 
  • AndreaRknits - this is the Instagram account of Andrea Rangel, knitwear designer.  Her photos are lovely and she gives lots of sneak peeks of what she is working on.  
  • SkeinCocaine - Ebabler Alert: you can actually buy yarn from SkeinCocaine on Instagram.  They have regular auctions on their Instagram feed. I have personally never purchased anything on Instagram, but consider yourself warned - your yarn budget may be in danger.
I follow about 200 other Instagram users, but these are a few of my favourites.  You can follow me on Instagram too.  I try to post yarn and knitting porn regularly. 

Do you have any favourite yarn/knitting Instagram accounts that you follow?  I would love to check them out.  


This past Saturday, two of my yarnie friends and I headed down to the Toronto Knitters' Frolic.  It was a knitter's nirvana!!!  We got there before the doors opened and the line-up was almost the length of the parking lot when the doors actually opened.  The weather was lovely and there were oodles of beautiful handknits to ogle while we waited in line.  

The first booth we hit up was Bling Your String.  If you are unfamiliar with her knitting and notion bags, they are fabulous.  Cute, trendy, practical and big bags come complete with smaller notions bags and matching stitch markers.  

First I bought this one:

Those are knit sttiches.  It photographed more psychedelically than it appears in real life.  It is sweater sized.  It came with a smaller notions bag and matching stitch markers:
 This photo of the notion bag is closer to how the bag looks in real life.
I also bought an even bigger bag - with a view to storing all my small projects in it:
Note the adjustable shoulder strap.  Also came with notions bag and stitch markers: 

After Bling Your String, I found this:
It is a Namaste Mini Messenger bag.  I already have one.  It's so nice I bought it twice :) It is my favourite colour, I needed something to carry my purchases in and it was half price, people!  It was the only one the vendor had. 

 I know there are mixed feelings about Namaste bags in the knitting community, but I have two (aside from this new one) and I love them both.  My other Mini Messenger is Peacock Blue.  Do not be fooled by the name, there is nothing 'mini' about this bag.  Like the TARDIS, it is bigger on the inside.  

So many pockets! And when you open that zippered compartment, your cargo space practically doubles.  I highly recommend this bag.  My other one is at least 3 years old and in great shape.  Did I mention that Namaste bags are vegan?  Another point in their favour.  

After buying-all-the-bags, I finally picked up some yarn at the Turtle Purl booth.  This was by far the busiest booth at the Frolic (Indigodragonfly was a close second).  My one criticism of the Frolic is that the booths are so tiny.  Once you have 3 or 4 people browsing in a booth, it is too crowded to view the merchandise.  But I was able to squeeze into Turtle Purl and buy these:

The second photo is the truest colour representation.  These will be lovely socks for me :).  

I picked up a few sets of Karbonz - one can never have too many sock needles:
And to top off our morning, we swung by Indigodragonfly and I pick up these beauties: 
Those would be laceweight and the colour is "Daleks don't give out pink slips".  I was torn between this mustard yellow or a deep red.  Mustard won.  It is quickly becoming one of my favourite colours.  This is the yarn that will become EnPointe Pullover.  

So, I spent pretty much all the money I took with me but I stayed within budget.  Yay me.  I don't think there will be any yarn purchases in my future until the Kitchener Waterloo Knitters' Guild even in September.  Seriously.  5 months.  I can do this.  

Also, my opinions are my own - your mileage may vary.  I have not received any compensation or consideration for reviewing any items.    

Stash Enhancement and Other Pretty Things

Warning: This post is link-heavy and enabling-heavy:

I have spent some money lately.  I regret nothing.  My friend, Sarah,  of "The Canadian Knitter" Podcast introduced me (and all her other viewers) to these totally adorable yet functional DPN holders from Shelby at EINmade.

Previously I have always used the cardboard DPN tubes that you can get at KnitPicks, and while functional, they are not nearly as pretty!  Also, the cardboard tubes have a limited life expectancy, in my experience, and are a bit fragile.  I always knit my socks on DPNs because I am set in my ways and inflexible, but I think these little DPN holders would work for circs as well; next time I have a portable project on circular needles, I will let you know.

Having pretty DPN holders unleashed my craving for pretty project bags.  Usually I say things like, "I would rather buy yarn with the money I could spend on pretty project bags" and "My Ziploc bag works just as well as your pretty project bag", but secretly I lust after pretty project bags and after 40+ years on this planet am beginning to accept that I am more of a visual person than I have previously been  willing to admit.  Also, a fellow knitter from the Tuesday night knitting group I attend totally enabled me when she gave me a beautiful project bag by ZigZag Stitches.

So I also ordered this from MadameColibri:

It is bigger than it looks!  It holds a shawl-in-progress, the needles, the pattern, a knit kit and a second skein of yarn AND it still fits in my purse!!  (I have a big purse, but it fits in there comfortably with all my other stuff).
Note the cute complimentary lining and little pocket.  I love when design and function come together.

And then I ordered this from DragonFibreBags:

Totes adorbs and totally screams "SPRING!"

Here it is holding a sock, sock-in-progress, knit kit and pattern:
See the lime green lining?  Happens to be my favourite colour!

To top it off I went the a local fibre festival (The Gathering in Port Hope) and 'The Black Lamb' (also in Port Hope) and picked up these beauties:
Cute stitch markers, right?!  I have big plans for the DyeVersion yarn (sidenote: it is BFL and I have never knit with BFL sock yarn before). The Black Lamb yarn is my favourite colour so I had to have it.  I will have to come up with something extra special for it!

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this post are my own.  I have not received any compensation or consideration in exchange for posting links or opinions - I just like nice things.

Things I ♥

My friend Anna is a very talented woman. She beads, she knits, she crochets, she spins and she dyes absolutely beautiful yarn.  Her yarn is my favourite yarn.  I have used it here:
Pattern is 'Noggin' by me!  see pattern page for more details

And here:
Pattern is "Ume" by Andrea Rengal available on Ravelry

And here: 
Pattern is "Color Affection" by  Veera Välimäki
 And in many, many more projects too numerous to list here.  Anna has gone global and is now offering her yarn to knitters and crocheters everywhere via her Etsy store.

You can also find her on Ravelry as MythicYarn.  She also has a Ravelry Group. 

Most of my favourite yarns have been from indie dyers.  Do you have a favourite indie dyer?  I would love to hear about them!

Things I ♥

One of my knitting friends, Sarah, has started podcasting. She is really good. I may be biased because she is my friend, but I am not a podcast watcher so in my mind that makes me neutral.  I don't have a lot of time in my life for TV or movies, or entertainment in general really, so it has never occurred to me to tune into a podcast. I have been converted.

 Sarah - known at 'The Canadian Knitter' on Youtube is a great podcaster in addition to being a great knitter with great taste in yarn. I highly recommend her podcast. She is also on Twitter, Instagram (TrueCanuckGirl) and has a ravelry group. Enjoy!