Budgeting For Yarn Purchases

How do you budget for yarn purchases? Do you fund a separate budget category for yarn purchases?  

As a designer, I often get yarn support from dyers for my designs (which is a totally awesome perk!) or I purchase yarn with the proceeds of pattern sales, but what about personal knitting? Instead of a separate category for funding hobbies we like to categorize yarn purchases and spread the expense around.  For example:

Souvenir Yarn

Souvenir yarn is included in our vacation budget.  When we plan a vacation and plan how we're funding the vacation, yarn is included.  It's a given that I will scope out yarn stores before we even leave our house on vacation and that when we've reached our destination I will go to the nearest LYS and pick up some yarn (preferably yarn and dyers that are local to our vacation destination).

Yarn For Gifts

Yarn that I purchase to make gifts is included in our gift budget.  

Yarn For People I Live With

Yarn that I use to make items for myself, the Husbeast, or the Kidlets comes out of our clothing budget.  

Feeding The Stash

Yarn that I purchase without a project in mind for no reason other than because it's beautiful and squishy and I *have* to have it comes from our entertainment budget.  It takes 10-20 hours to knit a pair of socks (depending on foot size and pattern complexity), so if I pay $30 for a skein of sock yarn, I'm paying $2 per hour of entertainment value (assuming I spend 15 hours knitting with it).  I can't even go to a movie for $2 per hour AND when I'm finished with the $30 skein of sock yarn I have a beautiful, useful pair of socks in addition to 15 hours of entertainment.  It's a win-win.  

Knitting Is My Meditation

Knitting is good for my mental health and, therefore by extension, the mental health of those around me.  Sometimes yarn comes from our health and wellness budget since it really is part of my health and wellness plan.  

We also plan my husband's golf hobby by category.  It works well for us.  How do you budget for your hobbies?