hello, Sweetie!

hs9 (2).jpg

Inspired by the catch-phrase of The Doctor’s wife, River Song, this fun sock pattern uses mosaic knitting and cables to create the Hello, Sweetie! stitch pattern on the leg and foot of each sock.

Slipped stitches are used to create the colourwork pattern. There is no stranded colourwork and each row is knit using only one colour - there are no fiddly floats to deal with.

This sock features a short row heel that does not interrupt the alternating stripe of the pattern.

Instructions are included for 4 circumferences and the foot length is customizable. The stitch pattern is both written and charted and the instructions are needle neutral so you can use your preferred method of working in the round.

 Stitch markers (2) 
 Cable needle 
 Tapestry needle

 Knit  Decreases  Cables 
 Purl  Increases  Kitchener Stitch 
 Working in the round