Need Some Help? Try One of these…

First…Google It!

If you’re having trouble with a specific stitch or technique, google it. There are so many great knitting tutorials and videos that this will usually help to solve the problem so you can continue with your project. Google and YouTube are both great knitting resources!

Second…Try The ‘Resources’ Page…

The Resources page of this website has resources and videos for some of the techniques used in my patterns. Simply click the image on the right or click the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of this page.

Third…Visit Ravelry!

Ravelry has the largest community of knitters on the planet (over 8,000,000 and counting!). The Techniques group, my group, or one of the many sock-specific groups are a great way to get your question answered quickly by experienced knitters.

Fourth…Visit The #SockStar Facebook Group

The #SockStar Facebook group is a fun group of sock knitters and we love to help each other, cheer each other on, show off our socks, and answer knitting questions. We’re a lot of fun and if you haven’t joined us yet, you should!

Fifth…Ask Me!

Still stuck? Use the Contact Page on this site to send me a question, or email me at Please note that I live in an EST (eastern standard timezone) and I try to keep pretty regular business hours Monday - Friday, so if I don’t respond right away it’s either a weekend or an issue of differing timezones; I’m not ignoring you and will reply as soon as I can!